The internet of things is the process that allows physical elements of everyday life such as household appliances, accessories and some medical devices to be connected to the internet.

This works because the systems of the physical devices can receive and transfer information over wireless networks with minimal human intervention and the result is the integration of all types of computing devices.

An example can be the smart thermostat of a home that allows the user to program the desired temperature through his cell phone before he arrives home.

The above is a traditional IoT system where there is sending, receiving, and analyzing data permanently in a feedback loop. Depending on the type of IoT technology, people or artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) systems can analyze this data almost immediately or over some time.

IoT devices are connected with a process called M2M (machine to machine) in which any two devices or machines communicate with each other using any type of connectivity (which can be wired, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.), doing their work without the need for human intervention. This is necessarily done with specific sensors and chips that are arranged in the devices (for example, a smartphone usually has an ambient light sensor, gyroscope, etc.).

Little by little the different devices in everyday life are becoming more and more IoT devices and are interconnected with each other with the idea of making the idea easier.





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Paola Andrea Garcia Altamirano

Paola Andrea Garcia Altamirano

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