What happens when you type google.com in your browser and press Enter

Paola Andrea Garcia Altamirano
2 min readJan 23, 2022

Currently connecting to the internet has become such a basic and daily activity that people do not dimension the process that must be carried out so that when google.com is written in the browser. The concept of the cloud has become popular and it is simply believed that a signal goes through the air and reaches the cloud from the computer and returns to our computers by the same means, but things are not like that, in fact the cloud would be a fanciful concept.

Now it is important to know the reality, when we write in our browser www.google.com and press Enter, the keyboard emits an electrical signal to the motherboard of our computer
And it sends the signal to the operating system which is designed to logically understand the electrical signals emitted by the hardware through the drivers then this signal reaches the browser that understands HTML, CSS and Javascript, the latter understands the signal and an event is generated which in this case is Enter or click on send; Javascript encapsulates the information using an API whose function is to load any event to a server if reloading the page.

The encapsulation of the information is done by means of file formats in this case can be JSON and is sent by means of the protocol of sending data commonly known as API Rest which is a technique of sending data to the server using the HTTP protocol that routes the information to the Internet layer.

Then the domain is found using the DNS which is responsible for translating the URLs to IP addresses, so the request reaches the server where it travels through several layers of network concluding in a network server type Nginx or Apache and then this information is processed by a programming language and these generate the order for a database where the information required by the user is located.

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